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Palestinian Babies dressed as Suicide Bombers



The 60 Minutes
of South Africa

Read what CARTEblanche Interactive had to say about MATCKH's visit to South Africa - (HERE)

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New  M.A.T.C.K.H. Video
"Creating Peace: One Quilt At A Time"


"Kids for Peace" are learning that they can make a real impact for the benefit of all mankind in a manner not unlike methods successfully used by Ghandi and Martin Luther King. This is an extraordinary video presentation that enables school teachers to motivate their classrooms to become actively involved in promoting peace in the world today.

The Jewish Board of Education has endorsed and distributed this timely video throughout the USA and Canada.

For information on obtaining this video contact: MollyMRes@aol.com


For more information contact:  M.A.T.C.K.H.

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